Company Policies

131 Ballard St.
Saugus MA, 01906

  • All balances must be paid within 10 days of delivery to avoid a .20 cent late fee per gallon, if this is not done additional fees will apply after delinquency at the determination of Marchetti Commercial Fuels Inc.
  • During winter months, if a clear pathway is not made by the homeowner or resident, it is considered a safety hazard, the delivery cannot be made, it will be considered a reschedule due to negligence. ($25.00 will be applied to re-attempt)
  • All email orders must be confirmed no delivery is guaranteed unless someone confirms. Email orders will be confirmed via email.
  • Marchetti Commercial Fuels Inc. is not responsible for any faulty equipment, homeowners receiving delivery are to maintain good standing oil tanks and interior systems. Annual cleaning and inspections are highly recommended.

Thanks for your trust and we look forward to providing quality service!

All payments mail to:

131 Ballard St
Saugus, MA 01906

Checks Preferred