Safety Policies

131 Ballard St.
Saugus MA, 01906

Safety is our first priority at Marchetti Commercial Fuels Inc.  We take extensive steps throughout training, hiring and everyday operations, to make sure our day-to-day operations take place as smooth and as safe as possible.


  • Pre-employment interview
  • Credential Check
  • Driver qualification interview
  • Pre-employment Drug Testing
  • Enrollment in FMCSA clearing house
  • Queries on new hires
  • Enrollment in DOT random drug testing mandated by FMCSA
  • Homeland Security Check
  • Background check
  • Driving record check

Driver Safety Training:

New drivers are on a 90 Day probationary period.  During this time drivers are observed to confirm proper driving, loading and delivery protocols.

At Marchetti Commercial Fuels Inc. our concern is not only about driving, we have a delivery standard that sets us apart from others.  All drivers are trained to deliver without any spills or negligence that could result in contaminating any delivery site.

Drivers are trained on equipment, nozzle sizes and pumping speeds, to always listen and keep their eyes open.  Our drivers are engrained with “see the big picture” when delivering hazardous materials.

Driver Management/Protocols:

Teams meetings take place monthly.  This solely focuses on safety and improvement.  All drivers are present at these meetings and it gives us time to listen learn and communicate for improvement.

Drivers are required to wear proper uniforms, high viz, and personal protective equipment to keep them visible and safe at all times.

Equipment Safety:

  • All of our units are equipped with Samsara digital monitoring which provides real-time visibility keeping the driver and everyone on the road safe.
  • A written 50+ point safety inspection is done for all units every day, at the start and end of every shift.
  • All units are maintained daily.  We have a state-of-the-art on-site repair shop that keeps our trucks running safely, all mechanical issues are fixed immediately and recorded by our full-time mechanic.